Role of 5'-TGN-3' motif in the interaction of mycobacterial RNA polymerase with a promoter of 'extended -10' class

Agarwal, Nisheeth ; Tyagi, Anil K. (2003) Role of 5'-TGN-3' motif in the interaction of mycobacterial RNA polymerase with a promoter of 'extended -10' class FEMS Microbiology Letters, 225 (1). pp. 75-83. ISSN 0378-1097

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In a systematic approach to understand the transcriptional machinery of mycobacteria, we had previously isolated and characterized mycobacterial promoter regions. In this study, we have investigated molecular interactions between mycobacterial RNA polymerase holoenzyme, reconstituted with different sigma subunits and the promoter element of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene pknH (Rv1266c), a representative of promoters belonging to the 'extended -10' class. In vitro transcription assays using the pknH promoter and reconstituted RNA polymerase holoenzyme demonstrated that transcription from the pknH promoter is specifically initiated by σA, the principal sigma factor of mycobacteria. DNase I protection assay and deletion studies with the pknH promoter revealed that the minimal region required for optimal transcription carries the sequence from position -37 to position +6. Moreover, mutation in the TGN motif of the pknH promoter resulted in the loss of >75% of its activity. Binding of RNA polymerase with wild-type promoter as well as its TG- mutant revealed that the TGN motif is required for the transition from a close complex into an open complex. Further, it was observed that the presence of the TGN motif reduces the thermal energy required for the conversion of a close complex into an open complex, necessary for initiation of transcription.

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