Conformational studies of linear β-D-1,4'-mannan and galactan

Sundararajan, P. R. ; Rao, V. S. R. (1970) Conformational studies of linear β-D-1,4'-mannan and galactan Biopolymers, 9 (10). pp. 1239-1247. ISSN 0006-3525

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The nonbonded interaction energy of disaccharides, mannobiose and galactobiose and polysaccharides mannan and galactan have been computed as a function of dihedral angles (φ,Ψ). The conformation (40°, -20°) has been preferred for the mannan chain from nonbonded interaction energy considerations. The O5...O3' type of intramolecular hydrogen bond has been found to be possible in the above conformation. Comparison of the allowed region of mannan with those of cellulose and xylan indicates that the monomer unit, in mannan chain has slightly higher freedom of rotation than that of cellulose and less than that of xylan. As in cellulose and mannan, the freedom of rotation of the monomer units in β-1,4' galactan is highly restricted. Unlike mannan (which prefers an extended conformation) the β-1,4' galactan prefers a helical conformation similar to amylose. Just as in amylose the O2...O3' type hydrogen bond between contiguous residues is also possible in β-1,4' galactan.

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