N-Acetylglycyl-L-lysine methyl ester acetate

Salunke, D. M. ; Vijayan, M. (1982) N-Acetylglycyl-L-lysine methyl ester acetate Acta Crystallographica - Section B: Structural Crystallography &Crystal Chemistry, B38 . pp. 287-289. ISSN 0567-7408

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C llH22 N304+. C2H302-, orthorhombic, P212121, a = 5.511(2), b = 14.588(4), c = 21.109 (4) Å , Z = 4. The structure has been solved using Multan and refined to R = 0.079 for 993 observed reflections. The fully extended lysine side chain in the molecule is staggered between the main-chain amino and carbonyl groups. The dipeptide molecules in the crystal structure are arranged in twofold helices centred on 21 screw axes. These helices are interconnected through interactions involving the acetate and the side-chain amino groups. Each acetate group bridges two adjacent side-chain amino groups, related by an a translation, giving rise to an infinitely long chain of alternating negatively charged carboxylate and positively charged amino groups.

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