Pharmacokinetics of a triarylmethyl-type paramagnetic spin probe used in EPR oximetry

Matsumoto, Ken-ichiro ; English, Sean ; Yoo, John ; Yamada, Ken-ichi ; Devasahayam, Nallathamby ; Cook, John A. ; Mitchell, James B. ; Subramanian, Sankaran ; Krishna, Murali C. (2004) Pharmacokinetics of a triarylmethyl-type paramagnetic spin probe used in EPR oximetry Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 52 (4). pp. 885-892. ISSN 0740-3194

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The paramagnetic spin probe Oxo63 is used in oximetric imaging studies based on electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) methods by monitoring the oxygen-dependent linewidth while minimizing the contributions from self-broadening seen at high probe concentrations. Therefore, it is necessary to determine a suitable dose of Oxo63 for EPR-based oxygen mapping where the self-broadening effects are minimized while signal intensity adequate for imaging can be realized. A constant tissue concentration of spin probe would be useful to image a subject and assess changes in pO2 over time; accumulation or elimination of the compound in specific anatomical regions could translate to and be mistaken for changes in local pO2, especially in OMRI-based oximetry. The in vivo pharmacokinetics of the spin probe, Oxo63, after bolus and/or continuous intravenous infusion was investigated in mice using a novel approach with X-band EPR spectroscopy. The results show that the half-life in blood was 17-21 min and the clearance by excretion was 0.033-0.040 min−1. Continuous infusion following a bolus injection of the probe was found to be effective to obtain stable plasma concentration as well as image intensity to permit reliable pO2 estimates.

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Keywords:Concentration; Spin Probe; Continuous Wave EPR Imaging; Time-domain EPR Imaging; Overhauser-enhanced MRI; Mouse
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