Flow of a fluid between two rotatoing coaxial cones having the same vertex

Bhatnagar, P. L. ; Rathna, S. L. (1963) Flow of a fluid between two rotatoing coaxial cones having the same vertex Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 16 (3). pp. 329-346. ISSN 0033-5614

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In this paper the secondary flows between two rotating coaxial cones (also the cone-plate arrangement as a particular case) of a non-Newtonian fluid with the inclusion of inertia terms according to Oseen's scheme have been investigated. Effects of cross-viscosity and visco-elasticity have been treated as small. It has been found that in the case of a Newtonian fluid the fluid particles in the secondary flow move away from the vertex almost parallel to the inner cone which is taken to rotate faster than the other cone, and the fluid particles nearer the outer cone move almost parallel to it towards the vertex. In the case of non-Newtonian fluids the secondary flow field is divided into two parts. The stream lines in the inner domain are closed loops, while in the outer domain they resemble the flow pattern of the Newtonian fluid. The effect of cross-viscosity and visco-elasticity on the stresses exerted by the fluid on the surfaces has been evaluated.

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