High-pressure oxygen-induced bulk superconductivity in 1222 structure Tl-Pb-Sr-Eu(Ce)-Cu-O

Iqbal, Z. ; Sinha, A. P. B. ; Morris, D. E. ; Barry, J. C. ; Auchterlonie, G. J. ; Ramakrishna, B. L. (1991) High-pressure oxygen-induced bulk superconductivity in 1222 structure Tl-Pb-Sr-Eu(Ce)-Cu-O Journal of Applied Physics, 70 (4). 2234_1-2234_4. ISSN 0021-8979

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A primarily single phase compound of composition (Tl0.5Pb0.5)Sr2(Eu2-xCex)Cu2O9 (where x ranges from ⋘0.1 to 0.17) has been synthesized in the so-called 1222 structure. Bulk superconductivity near 40 K is induced via oxygen doping in 100 bar of oxygen at 550 ° C. The material has been structurally characterized by diffraction and high-resolution lattice imaging techniques. The lattice images reveal the presence of some intergrowths of a 1212 structure nonsuperconducting (Tl0.5Pb0.5)Sr2EuCu2O7 phase in the bulk 1222 structure of the parent compound and indications of periodicity that suggest the possible existence of a new, composite structure 2434 phase.

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Keywords:Thallium Oxides; Lead Oxides; Strontium Oxides; Europium Oxides; Cerium Oxides; Copper Oxides; Superconductivity; Transition Temperature; Oxygen Additions; Doped Materials; Medium Pressure; High Temperature; X-ray Diffraction; Microstructure; Electron Diffraction; Lattice Parameters; Very Low Temperature
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