Structure of octakis(methylammonium) decamolybdate(8-) dihydrate

Bharadwaj, P. K. ; Ohashi, Y. ; Sasada, Y. ; Sasaki, Y. ; Yamase, T. (1986) Structure of octakis(methylammonium) decamolybdate(8-) dihydrate Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, C42 . pp. 545-547. ISSN 0108-2701

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[NH3(CH3)]8[Mo10O34].2H2O, Mr= 1795·9, monoclinic, P21/n, a= 12·596(2), b=17·175(2), c = 10·653(2) Å, β=9l·04(2)°, V=2304·2(6)Å3 Z = 2, Dm= 2·56 gcm-3 (flotation). Dx= 2·58 g cm-3, Mo Kα, λ = 0·71069 Å, μ= 11·38cm-1, F(000) = 1728, T= 293 K, R = 0·041 for 4838 observed data. The discrete |Mol0O34|8- anion has a center of symmetry and is built up of one Mo8028, unit and two Mo04 tetrahedra joined to the unit at the corners. The Mo8028 unit is composed of right MoO6 octahedra joined together by edges. The Mo-0 distances in Mo04 can be separated into three classes: 1·695 (4)- 1·768(4), 1·869(3)-2·011 (4) and 2·142(4)-2·433 (3) A, which is also observed in the related isopolymolybdate anions.

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