Rotational spectra and van der Waals potentials of Ne-Ar

Grabow, J. -U. ; Pine, A. S. ; Fraser, G. T. ; Lovas, F. J. ; Suenram, R. D. ; Emilsson, T. ; Arunan, E. ; Gutowsky, H. S. (1995) Rotational spectra and van der Waals potentials of Ne-Ar Journal of Chemical Physics, 102 (3). 1181_1-1181_7. ISSN 0021-9606

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The high sensitivity and resolution of Fourier-transform microwave spectroscopy using a pulsed jet coaxial to a Fabry-Perot resonator have been exploited to measure pure rotational transitions of several isotopomers of the weakly polar Ne-Ar van der Waals dimer in natural abundance. Transitions of the most abundant isotopomer, 20Ne-40Ar, could be observed with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio with a single polarization pulse. The ground-state rotational constants for this species yield a zero-point separation of R0≃360.7 pm. Simple model van der Waals potentials have been fit to the microwave transitions for the various isotopomers, providing estimates of the equilibrium spacing at the well minimum of Re=348.0(2) pm. More elaborate potentials based on ab initio calculations or on molecular-beam scattering cross sections and thermodynamic and transport properties have also been tested. The induced electric dipole moment is estimated to be μ0=7.3(1.6)×10−33 C m [0.0022(5) D] by comparison of π/2 polarization pulses with a reference molecule (Ar-CO2) whose dipole moment is known from Stark effect splitting measurements. Uncertainties in parentheses are one standard deviation.

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Keywords:Neon Complexes; Argon Complexes; Microwave Spectra; Van Der Waals Forces; Sensitivity; Resolution; Fourier Transform Spectroscopy; Pulses; Jets; Fabry Perot Interferometer; Isotopes; Neon 20; Argon 40; Signal-To-Noise Ratio; Polarization; Ground States; Ab Initio Calculations; Molecular Beams; Scattering; Cross Sections; Thermodynamics; Electric Dipoles; Stark Effect
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