A new mechanism of linewidth maxima in ferrimagnetic resonance

Kumar, N. ; Sinha, K. P. (1968) A new mechanism of linewidth maxima in ferrimagnetic resonance Journal of Applied Physics, 39 (2). pp. 1073-1075. ISSN 0021-8979

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A new mechanism for magnon-phonon relaxation process in ferrimagnetic insulators (e.g., YIG) is proposed which involves direct coupling of the magnons of various spin-wave modes with phonons of the transverse optical modes. This direct interaction emanates from the near-zone magnetic field associated with the transverse optical modes of vibrations in ionic lattices. The dominant part of the interaction term has the form Hint=i[∑σt+(bσt+βσ-h.c.)+ ∑σt,λ#936;σt,λ(bσt+βλαλ+σ-h.c.)], where ∓σt+ and Ψσt,λ are appropriate coupling constants and bσt+, βλ and αλ the phonon-creation and magnon-annihilation operators of the respective branches. These mechanisms lead to a temperature-dependent linewidth of ferrimagnetic resonance exhibiting maxima at certain values of temperature. An order of magnitude agreement with experimental results on YIG is obtained for a reasonable choice of parameters involved. Spin-phonon interaction processes due to transverse optical modes have been shown to play a significant role in the paramagnetic relaxation of some doped ionic crystals.

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