NUVIEW: software for display and interactive manipulation of nucleic acid models

Bansal, M. ; Bhattacharyya, D. ; Vijaylakshmi, S. (1995) NUVIEW: software for display and interactive manipulation of nucleic acid models CABIOS / Computer Applications in the Biosciences, 11 (3). pp. 289-292. ISSN 0266-7061

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The NUVIEW software package allows skeletal models of any double helical nucleic acid molecule to be displayed on a graphics monitor and to apply various rotations, translations and scaling transformations interactively, through the keyboard. The skeletal model is generated by connecting any pair of representative points, one from each of the bases in the basepair. In addition to the above mentioned manipulations, the base residues can be identified by using a locator and the distance between any pair of residues can be obtained. A sequence based color coded display allows easy identification of sequence repeats, such as runs of Adenines. The real time interactive manipulation of such skeletal models for large DNA/RNA double helices, can be used to trace the path of the nucleic acid chain in three dimensions and hence get a better idea of its topology, location of linear or curved regions, distances between far off regions in the sequence etc. A physical picture of these features will assist in understanding the relationship between base sequence, structure and biological function in nucleic acids.

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