Reconstruction of the late Quaternary environment of the lower Luni Plains, Thar Desert, India

Kar, A. ; Singhvi, A. K. ; Rajaguru, S. N. ; Juyal, N. ; Thomas, J. V. ; Banerjee, D. ; Dhir, R. P. (2001) Reconstruction of the late Quaternary environment of the lower Luni Plains, Thar Desert, India Journal of Quaternary Science, 16 (1). pp. 61-68. ISSN 0267-8179

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Geomorphological processes in the Thar Desert of India are largely climate driven. In the lower reaches of the River Luni (the only major drainage system in the Thar Desert) a fluvio-aeolian sequence was located at a site called Khudala. Sediments of this sequence represented a variety of depositional environments, namely aeolian, fluvially reworked aeolian, overbank deposits, gravels, and occasional evidence of pedogenesis. This provided a good opportunity to study aeolian-fluvial interaction in the region and for deducing climatic records. From the luminescence dating standpoint these sequences offered a good opportunity for a comparative study of thermoluminescence (TL), blue-green light stimulated luminescence (BGSL) and infrared light stimulated luminescence (IRSL) on different mineral separates of identical provenance but deposited under different environments. Broadly, within experimental errors, the TL ages agreed with BGSL and IRSL ages on aeolian sands, but differed substantially in the case of fluvially reworked and proximally deposited sands and silts. The sequence provided a record spanning more than 100 ka, with an aeolian phase at > 100 ka, a channel activation phase between 70 and 30 ka and a phase of climate instability between 13 and 8 ka. This appears consistent with the records of monsoon performance during this period, which includes the Younger Dryas. It is also inferred that during the Last Glacial epoch, geomorphological processes in the Thar (both aeolian and fluvial) were dormant largely on account of their relationship with the southwest monsoon.

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Keywords:Thar Desert; Aeolian Stratigraphy; Fluvial Stratigraphy; Luminescence Dating
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