Eocene and Oligocene sirenians (Mammalia) from Kachchh, India

Bajpai, Sunil ; Thewissen, J. G. M. ; Kapur, Vivesh Vir ; Tiwari, B. N. ; Sahni, Ashok (2006) Eocene and Oligocene sirenians (Mammalia) from Kachchh, India Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 26 (2). pp. 400-410. ISSN 0272-4634

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Discoveries of three species of Eocene sirenians in District Kachchh, State of Gujarat, India, are reported. A species of the protosirenid Protosiren is represented by cranial and postcranial material, and the halitheriine dugongid Eosiren is represented by a poorly preserved mandible. Neither of these can be identified at the specific level. A new species of haltheriine dugongids is described: Eotheroides babiae, n. sp. The species is based on a lower jaw with teeth. Another new fossil sirenian is reported from the Oligocene (Chattian) Maniyara Fort Formation. The new species, Bharatisiren indica, n. sp., is based on a well-preserved skull, mandibles, and several postcranial specimens. Bharatisiren is a basal dugongine dugongid, close to previously described Bharatisiren kachchhensis and possibly near the origin of the modern genus Dugong.

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