Absorption of chlorine in aqueous solutions of phenols and aromatic sulfonic acids

Yadav, G. D. ; Sharma, M. M. (1981) Absorption of chlorine in aqueous solutions of phenols and aromatic sulfonic acids Chemical Engineering Science, 36 (3). pp. 599-608. ISSN 0009-2509

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The kinetics of absorption of Cl2 in aqueous solutions of phenol, o-chlorpophenol, p-chlorpophenol, ρ-nitrophenol, ℳ -aminophenol-hydrochloride, ρtoluenesulfonic acid and ℳ -nitrobenzenesulfonic acid, at 30°C, was studied in a model stirred contactor, with a plane liquid interface and independent stirrers for gas and liquid phases. A laminar jet apparatus was also used to study the kinetics of chlorination of aqueous ρ-toluenesulfonic acid and ℳ -aminophenol-hydrochloride. All the reactions were found to be first order in Cl2 and first order in the dissolved organic substance. The values of second order rate constants at 30°C varied from about 1.1 × 106 to 5.7 × 109 cm3/g mole sec for phenolic substances and from 1.1 × 106 to 3.5 × 106, cm3/g mole sec for the sulfonic acids. Chlorination of ο- and ρ-chlorophenol in aqueous buffered solutions was analysed on the basis of absorption of Cl2 followed by two parallel fast pseudo-first order reactions, where the hydrolysis of Cl2, catalysed by buffer anion, and the chlorination of chlorophenol were found to occur in the liquid film. Measurements of the effective interfacial area and the liquid-side mass transfer coefficient were made in a mechanically agitated contactor and a bubble column by using some of these chlorination reactions.

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