Effect of the electric field on the equatorial ionospheric plasma distribution

Alex, S. ; Roy, M. ; Rastogi, R. G. (1988) Effect of the electric field on the equatorial ionospheric plasma distribution Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 50 (7). pp. 613-622. ISSN 0021-9169

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It is known that on a counter electrojet day the noontime electron density at the equator shows enhanced values with no bite-out. The consequences of the absence of the normal equatorial electrojet on the electron density distribution at the equatorial station Kodaikanal (dip latitude 1.4°N, long. 77.5°E) and at an anomaly crest location Ahmedabad (dip latitude 18°N, long. 73°E) are discussed for a strong electrojet (SEJ) day and a counter electrojet (CEJ) day. The electron density distribution with height for a pair of SEJ and CEJ days at the two equatorial stations Kodaikanal and Huancayo (dip latitude 1°N, long. 75°W) are studied. The F-region peak height, hm and the semi-thickness parameter ym on the SEJ day followed a similar variation pattern. On the CEJ days ym exhibited a substantially low and mostly flattened daytime variation compared to the peaked values on the SEJ day. An attempt is made to interpret these differences in terms of the changes in the vertical drift pattern resulting from the E × B drift of plasma at the equator and the varying recombination rate β , which is also a height dependent and a local time dependent parameter.

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