Temperature-dependent electronic structure of Nd1−xSmxNiO3

Okazaki, K. ; Mizokawa, T. ; Fujimori, A. ; Sampathkumaran, E. V. ; Alonso, J. A. (2002) Temperature-dependent electronic structure of Nd1−xSmxNiO3 Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 63 (6-8). pp. 975-978. ISSN 0022-3697

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RNiO3 (R: rare earth) is one of the typical bandwidth-control metal-insulator transition systems. Its metal-insulator transition temperature (TMI) is the same as the antiferromagnetic transition temperature (TN) for R=Pr and Nd, while TMI is higher than TN for R=Sm and Eu. The boundary between the two types of phase transitions is located between NdNiO3 and SmNiO3. We have measured photoemission spectra of Nd1−xSmxNiO3 at various temperatures above and below TMI. The spectra show quite different temperature dependences between x≤0.4 and x≥0.6. For x≤0.4, the spectral intensity near the Fermi level (EF) is temperature-dependent even well below TMI, while for x≥0.6 it shows a significant temperature dependence only near TMI. Also, the spectra near EF above TMI show a pseudo-gap like behavior for x≥0.6. From these results, we conclude that the metallic phase has different natures between x≤0.4 and x≥0.6.

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Keywords:A. Oxides; C. Photoelectron Spectroscopy; D. Electronic Structure; D. Phase Transitions
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