Rare-Earth(RE)–Barium Solubility Behaviour in Y(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ and Sm(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ

Suzuki, Atsushi ; Sampathkumaran, E. V. ; Kohn, Key ; Shibuya, Takashi ; Tohdake, Ayako ; Ishikawa, Masayasu (1988) Rare-Earth(RE)–Barium Solubility Behaviour in Y(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ and Sm(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 27 . L792-L794. ISSN 0021-4922

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The lattice constants and the superconducting transition temperatures of the series Y(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ(RE=Pr, Eu, and Gd; x≦0.4) show that the solubility of RE with Ba is practically absent for Eu and Gd, whereas a small solubility of Pr cannot be ruled out. The degree of RE-Ba solubility limit in the Y-based systems is significantly smaller relative to that in the respective RE based series. This observation could be consistently understood by our earlier proposal on the RE-Ba solubility dependence on the degree of O-O repulsive interaction. Our results also indicate that Pr is trivalent in these oxides, contrary to a previous report.

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Keywords:Oxide Superconductors; Re-Ba Solubility; X-ray Diffraction; Resistivity; Y(Ba2−xREx)Cu3O7+δ; O-O Repulsive Interaction; Valence of Pr
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