Field theories for frustrated antiferromagnetic spin chains

Rao, Sumathi ; Sen, Diptiman (1997) Field theories for frustrated antiferromagnetic spin chains Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 9 (8). pp. 1831-1839. ISSN 0953-8984

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We study the Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chain with both dimerization and frustration. The classical ground state has three phases: a Neel phase, a spiral phase and a colinear phase. In each phase, we discuss a non-linear sigma model field theory governing the low energy excitations. We study the theory in the spiral phase in detail using the renormalization group. The field theory, based on an SO(3) matrix-valued field, becomes SO(3)×SO(3) and Lorentz invariant at long distances where the elementary excitation is analytically known to be a massive spin-½ doublet. The field theory supports Z2 solitons which lead to a double degeneracy in the spectrum for half-integer spins (when there is no dimerization).

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