Patterns in open string field theory solutions

Gaiotto, Davide ; Rastelli, Leonardo ; Sen, Ashoke ; Zwiebach, Barton (2002) Patterns in open string field theory solutions Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002 (3). No pp. given. ISSN 1126-6708

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In open string field theory the kinetic operator mixes matter and ghost sectors, and thus the ghost structure of classical solutions is not universal. Nevertheless, we have found from numerical analysis that certain ratios of expectation values for states involving pure ghost excitations appear to be universal. We give an analytic expression for these ratios and find good evidence that they are common to all known solutions of open string field theory, including the tachyon vacuum solution, lump solutions and string fields representing marginal deformations. We also draw attention to a close correspondence between the expectation values for the pure matter components in the tachyon vacuum solution and those in the solution of a simpler equation for a ghost number zero string field. Finally we observe that the action of L0 on the tachyon condensate gives a state that is approximately factorized into a matter and a ghost part.

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