Dyon spectrum in generic N=4 supersymmetric ZN orbifolds

David, Justin R. ; Jatkar, Dileep P. ; Sen, Ashoke (2007) Dyon spectrum in generic N=4 supersymmetric ZN orbifolds Journal of High Energy Physics, 2007 (1). No pp. given. ISSN 1126-6708

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We find the exact spectrum of a class of quarter BPS dyons in a generic N=4 supersymmetric ZN orbifold of type IIA string theory on K3×T2 or T6. We also find the asymptotic expansion of the statistical entropy to first non-leading order in inverse power of charges and show that it agrees with the entropy of a black hole carrying same set of charges after taking into account the effect of the four derivative Gauss-Bonnet term in the effective action of the theory.

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Keywords:D-branes; Black Holes in String Theory
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