Astrophysical limits on gravitino mass

Nowakowski, Marek ; Rindani, Saurabh D. (1995) Astrophysical limits on gravitino mass Physics Letters B, 348 (1-2). pp. 115-120. ISSN 0370-2693

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We calculate exotic cooling rates of stars due to photo-production of light particles (mostly scalars and pseudoscalars) which originate from the hidden sector of no scale supergravity theories. Using this we can restrict the gravitino mas m3/2. The range of eliminated values of m3/2 stretches over six orders of magnitude and is given by 2×108<m/m3/2<6×1013 m being the gluino mass. Combining our result with the earlier analysis from colliders (m/m3/2<2.7×1014) we conclude that (m/m3/2<0 (108) except for a narrow window around 1014. Together with the current experimental limit on m and cosmological constraints on m3/2, albeit model dependent, our analysis shows that a light gravitino is on the verge of being ruled out.

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