Power law scaling in Universal extra dimension scenarios

Bhattacharyya, Gautam ; Datta, Anindya ; Majee, Swarup Kumar ; Raychaudhuri, Amitava (2007) Power law scaling in Universal extra dimension scenarios Nuclear Physics B, 760 (1-2). pp. 117-127. ISSN 0550-3213

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We study the power law running of gauge, Yukawa and quartic scalar couplings in the universal extra dimension scenario where the extra dimension is accessed by all the standard model fields. After compactifying on an S1/Z2 orbifold, we compute one-loop contributions of the relevant Kaluza-Klein (KK) towers to the above couplings up to a cutoff scale Λ. Beyond the scale of inverse radius, once the KK states are excited, these couplings exhibit power law dependence on Λ. As a result of faster running, the gauge couplings tend to unify at a relatively low scale, and we choose our cutoff also around that scale. For example, for a radius R~1 TeV−1, the cutoff is around 30 TeV. We then examine the consequences of power law running on the triviality and vacuum stability bounds on the Higgs mass. We also comment that the supersymmetric extension of the scenario requires R−1 to be larger than ~1010 GeV in order that the gauge couplings remain perturbative up to the scale where they tend to unify.

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Keywords:Universal Extra Dimension; Renormalisation Group; Higgs Mass
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