Nuclear Overhauser effect study of yeast aspartate transfer ribonucleic acid

Roy, Siddhartha ; Papastavros, Mary Z. ; Redfield, Alfred G. (1982) Nuclear Overhauser effect study of yeast aspartate transfer ribonucleic acid Biochemistry, 21 (24). pp. 6081-6088. ISSN 0006-2960

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Nuclear Overhauser effect studies are described for yeast tRNAAsp in 0.1 M NaCl, pH 7.0. A primary aim is to develop a general method for attacking the problem of assignment in transfer ribonucleic acids (tRNAs). Previously, we have demonstrated the utility of the nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) between protons on adjacent base pairs combined with C8 deuterium substitution, by assigning the imino protons of the dihydrouridine stem and the two reverse-Hoogsteen base pairs T54-A58 and U8-A14. Here, we extend that approach to other parts of the molecule. We also describe several NOE-connected patterns for, e:g., m5CG and psi 55 N3H imino protons which may be of general utility. For the first time, a purine-15-pyrimidine-48 base pair (in this case A15-U48) has been assigned. A total of 13 of 25 base pairs from all parts of the molecule and several noninternally bonded imino protons have now been assigned unambiguously. This is a general method for assigning resonances in tRNA and perhaps in all double-stranded nucleic acids. This, and the distance information inherent in NOE measurements, should make NMR more generally applicable to nucleic acids.

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