Glasslike elastic properties in the ω-β alloys

Van Cleve, J. E. ; Raychaudhuri, A. K. ; Pohl, R. O. (1994) Glasslike elastic properties in the ω-β alloys Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter, 93 (4). pp. 479-490. ISSN 0722-3277

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We have measured the internal friction and speed of sound in several polycrystalline alloys, using compound torsional oscillators at frequencies between 60 kHz and 100 kHz and temperatures between 50 mK and 100 K. By combining these data with existing elastic and thermal data on similar alloys, we find that those alloys which can undergo diffusionsless phase transitions, such as Ti:Nb, Ti:V, or Zr:Nb in certain ranges of composition have glasslike excitations, since they have elastic properties which agree in magnitude and temperature dependence with those of amorphous solids. By contrast. crystalline continuous solution alloys, such as Nb:Ta, or alloys with diffusive phase transitions, such as high-pressure quenched Al94Si6, have the same elastic properties as are known for crystals.

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