Effect of hatching time on larval mortality and survival of the prawn Macrobrachium idae

Pandian, T. J. ; Katre, S. (1972) Effect of hatching time on larval mortality and survival of the prawn Macrobrachium idae Marine Biology, 13 (4). pp. 330-337. ISSN 0025-3162

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The prawn Macrobrachium idae Heller carries 40 to 160 eggs depending upon the body size of the mother animal. After incubation, 63, 35 and 2% eggs are hatched on the first, second and third hatching nights, respectively. Mean dry weight of a single larva relased on the first night is 420 μg (equivalent to 2.86 cal). Larvae released on the second or third hatching nights weighed 380 g (=2.56 cal) or 308 μg (=2.02 cal). The total reserve yolk-energy available in a larva hatched on the first night is 1 cal. There is a definite shift from protein to fat metabolism as hatching is delayed. Oxygen consumption of developing eggs awaiting release on the first or second hatching night is 1.9 μl/mg dry weight/h. In comparison to larvae released on the first night, those released on the second night exhibit 2% increase in total body-length and 2.4 or 14.3% decrease in the lengths of the 6th abdominal segment or the orbit. Larvae released on the first, second or third hatching nights, on exposure to starvation stress, survive for 3.8, 2.3 or 1.5 days. The swimming speed of larvae released on the first or second night is 1.0 or 0.6 cm/sec. Larvae released on the subsequent hatching nights committed nearly 2 times greater number of mistakes per cm distance in the horizontal plane. Since hatching of all developing eggs simultaneously on the first hatching night is possible by means of artificial technique(s), it is possible to "improve" survival rate of decapod larvae.

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