Surfacing frequency as an index of bioenergetics components of air breathing fishes

Ponniah, A. G. ; Pandian, T. J. (1981) Surfacing frequency as an index of bioenergetics components of air breathing fishes Hydrobiologia, 82 (3). pp. 491-497. ISSN 0018-8158

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Surfacing frequency (Sf) in obligatory air-breathing fishes is a behavioural index of O2 uptake; as both are interrelated, there is a possibility of predicting one from the other. From the point of cause and effect relationship, feeding (C) is regarded as the cause and Sf and O2 uptake as its effects. Hence, the last two are predictable from the cause. A pathway for predicting the bioenergetics components, feeding (C), metabolism (M) and growth (P) from a behavioural index of surfacing frequency has been proposed. In this model, C occupies the focal point connecting on the horizontal plane Sf on one side and P on the other side and M vertically. The developed multiple regression models predict the bioenergetics components of the fishes, Macropodus cupanus and Channa striatus of different weight classes ex-posed to different rations and temperatures; the percentage of variation accounted for by the equations is over 90. The pathway can also be followed for predicting bioenergetics components of gill-breathing fishes, if feeding rate alone is known. On application of the relevant part of the pathway toSalmo trutta, the percentage of variation accounted by the equations is 95.

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Keywords:Obligate Air-breather; Surfacing Frequency; Feeding Rate; Metabolic Rate; Growth Rate; Predictive Pathway
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