Dimorphism-associated changes in intracellular pH of Candida albicans

Kaur, Simminder ; Mishra, Prashant ; Prasad, Rajendra (1988) Dimorphism-associated changes in intracellular pH of Candida albicans Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics, 972 (3). pp. 277-282. ISSN 0005-2728

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Intracellular pH (pHi) was monitored during pH-regulated dimorphism of Candida albicans using two different methods: (1) by steady-state distribution of propionic acid and (2) by use of polyene antibiotic, nystatin. There was no significant change in pHi during the first 120 min in either bud- or germ tube-forming populations. However, there was a rapid increase around 135 min which also coincided with the time of evagination. The magnitude of increase in pHi was different in the two populations; being 0.44 and 0.14 pH units in bud- and germ tube-forming populations, respectively. In the two diverging populations, the transient increase in pHi was followed by a rapid drop. The sharp rise in pHi of the population destined to form buds was sensitive to orthovanadate and to the depletion of K+ from the medium while this was not the case with germ tube-forming cells. The results suggest that pHi may play an important role in the phenotypic divergence of C. albicans.

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Keywords:Cell Divergence; pH; Intracellular; (C. albicans)
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