Electronic spectral intensities in binary solvent mixtures

Senthilnathan, V. P. ; Singh, Surjit (1973) Electronic spectral intensities in binary solvent mixtures Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular Spectroscopy, 29 (6). pp. 981-996. ISSN 0584-8539

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A systematic study on the intensities of n-π band of benzophenone in various binary solvent mixtures has been carried out with a view to investigate the behaviour of electronic band intensities in different environments. Possibilities of relating band intensities to equilibrium constants of dipole-dipole and other complexes, solvent compositions and dielectric constants of binary solvent mixtures have been examined. It is found that in all the cases plots of Cp/∈ vs. Cp and (D-D0)/ vs. (D-D0)-where ∈ is the extinction coefficient of n-π transition of benzophenone in a solvent mixture containing Cp moles of perturbing solvent, D is the dielectric constant of the solvent mixture and D0 the dielectric constant of the assumed nonperturbing solvent-were very good straight lines. Similar behaviour was also shown by the infrared band intensity data given in the literature.

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