Four quasi-particle level at 2256 keV in 182Re

Agarwal, Y. K. ; Baba, C. V. K. ; Bhattacharya, D. ; Bhattacherjee, S. K. ; Bhowmik, R. K. ; Datar, V. M. ; Jain, H. C. ; Roy, A. (1987) Four quasi-particle level at 2256 keV in 182Re Pramana - Journal of Physics, 29 (6). pp. 559-575. ISSN 0304-4289

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In-beam nuclear spectroscopic studies of 182Re, following the reaction 181Ta(α,3n)182Re have been made using gamma-ray and internal conversion electron techniques. K-conversion coefficients for several transitions have been measured and the multi-polarities of the various transitions assigned. In particular, the spin and parity of the four-quasi-particle isomeric level at 2256 keV were determined to be 16-. The g-factor of this level has been measured to be g=0.32±0.05. On the basis of theg-factor and the decay pattern of this level, a configuration {v9/2+[624↑]v7/2-[514↓]v7/2- [503↑]π9/2-[514↑]}κπ=16- has been assigned to this level. The nature of the retardation of the gamma transitions deexciting this level is discussed. It is argued that the measured retardation factors can be explained if the nucleus has a triaxial shape.

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Keywords:Nuclear Reactions:181Ta(α,3n)182Re; Gamma-ray; Internal Conversion Electron Spectroscopy; Internal Conversion Coefficients; g-factor; Triaxial Deformation
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