Unsteady laminar boundary layers in a compressible stagnation flow

Vimala, C. S. ; Nath, G. (1975) Unsteady laminar boundary layers in a compressible stagnation flow Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 70 (3). pp. 561-572. ISSN 0022-1120

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The unsteady laminar compressible boundary-layer flow in the immediate vicinity of a two-dimensional stagnation point due to an incident stream whose velocity varies arbitrarily with time is considered. The governing partial differential equations, involving both time and the independent similarity variable, are transformed into new co-ordinates with finite ranges by means of a transformation which maps an infinite interval into a finite one. The resulting equations are solved by converting them into a matrix equation through the application of implicit finite-difference formulae. Computations have been carried out for two particular unsteady free-stream velocity distributions: (i) a constantly accelerating stream and (ii) a fluctuating stream. The results show that in the former case both the skin-friction and the heat-transfer parameter increase steadily with time after a certain instant, while in the latter they oscillate, thus responding to the fluctuations in the free-stream velocity.

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