On a stochastic model for the firing sequence of a neuron

Srinivasan, S. K. ; Sampath, G. (1976) On a stochastic model for the firing sequence of a neuron Mathematical Biosciences, 30 (3-4). pp. 305-323. ISSN 0025-5564

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A stochastic model of a neuron with excitatories and inhibitories incident on it is studied. The excitatory and the inhibitory sequences are independent renewal processes. The effect of an excitatory is to increase the membrane potential by random amounts that are independently and identically distributed, while an inhibitory causes a reset of the potential to the rest level so that the accumulation must start anew. When the potential crosses a threshold level K, the neuron fires. Immediately after this, the membrane potential returns to the rest level. An expression for the probability density function of the interval between two successive firings is derived, and special cases worked out. Graphs of the mean and the mean - √variance versus the threshold level are presented and discussed.

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