Structure of Plumbagin

Vijayalakshmi, J. ; Rajan, S. S. ; Srinivasan, R. (1987) Structure of Plumbagin Acta Crystallographica Section C, 45 . pp. 2375-2377. ISSN 0108-2701

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C11H8O3, Mr=188.2, monoclinic, P21/a, a=19.067(3), b=7.057(2), c=13.370(3)Å, β=91.12(2)°, V=1798.6Å3, Z=8, Dm=1.37(3), Dx=1.390(1)Mgm-3, λ(MoKα)=0.7107Å, μ=0.110mm-1, F(000)=784, T=298K, R=0.066 for 1426 reflections. There are two molecules in the asymmetric unit and they have slightly different geometry. The packing of the molecules is due to van der Waals forces and there are no intermoleular hydrogen bonds.

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