Lubricant components from vegetable oils of Indian origin

Anand, O. N. ; Mehta, J. ; Prasada Rao, T. S. R. (1998) Lubricant components from vegetable oils of Indian origin Journal of Synthetic Lubrication, 15 (2). pp. 97-106. ISSN 0265-6582

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A number of transesterified and alkarylated derivatives have been synthesised from available vegetable oils of Indian origin. The viscosity, viscosity index, freezing points, load-carrying characteristics, friction coefficient, and thermo-oxidative stability of these derivatives as compared to highly refined hydrorefined hydrocarbon oils have been studied.It has been found that several esters of fatty acids of these vegetable oils have a high natural viscosity index, low pour points, and high thermooxidative stability, and can meet the requirements as base fluid components for energy-efficient, eco-friendly, long-drain interval, multigrade oils. These oils have markedly lower viscosities at 40°C, higher load-carrying characteristics, and lower friction coefficients than the base fluids of currently marketed multigrade oils. A 50% blend with hydrorefined hydrocarbon oils could prove highly viable.The above results clearly establish the potential for utilising these esters, either alone, or in combination with mineral oils, for formulating cost-effective high-performance, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly lubricants. Performance characteristics of these oils as engine oils, automotive gear oils, and 2 stroke oil with conventional additives and with alternative additives are under investigation in comparison to the most advanced hydrocarbon based multigrade oil formulations of long-drain interval.

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Keywords:Vegetable Oils; Esters; Transesterified; Alkarylates; Karanja; Kusum; Mohwa; Mustard; Castor; Ratan Jyot
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