On the pressure forming of two superplastic alloys

Chockalingam, K. S. K. ; Neelakantan, M ; Devaraj, S. ; Padmanabhan, K. A. (1985) On the pressure forming of two superplastic alloys Journal of Materials Science , 20 (4). pp. 1310-1320. ISSN 0022-2461

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Superplastic forming of the Ti-6Al-4V and Sn-Pb eutectic alloys was attempted using the pressure forming (sheet thermoforming) process. It has been demonstrated that true hemispheres could be formed out of sheets of both the alloys. The thickness strains in both the alloys were less than those predicted theoretically and this could be traced to material flow from the flange and gripped regions. This flow, however, was greater in case of the titanium alloy than the Sn-Pb alloy, on account of the greater strain-rate sensitivity of the former material. Due to the same effect, the "thinning factor" actually increased with deformation in the titanium alloy, but it decreased on increasing deformation in the Sn-Pb alloy. Within the experimental range, the hold-down pressure (titanium alloy) and initial sheet thickness (Sn-Pb alloy) had very small effects, although the deformation became slightly more uniform on decreasing the hold-down pressure or increasing the initial sheet thickness. The thickness and circumferential strains increased with deformation and in particular when the bulge height (h0) to base diameter (D0) ratio was greater than 0.35, non-uniformity in deformation along the bulge profile became noticeable. These strains were largest at the pole and its vicinity. On account of its lower strain-rate sensitivity, these effects were more pronounced in the Sn-Pb alloy than in the titanium alloy. Although initially the bulging rate was rapid, later the (h0/D0) ratio increased linearly with the forming time and at any instant the bulge profile corresponded to an arc of a circle.

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