Electromagnetic properties of the 11/2- states in 111Sn and 113Sn

Brenn, R. ; Bhattacherjee, S. K. ; Sprouse, G. D. ; Young, L. E. (1974) Electromagnetic properties of the 11/2- states in 111Sn and 113Sn Physical Review C, 10 (4). pp. 1414-1421. ISSN 0556-2813

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In order to study the core polarization effects in medium heavy spherical nuclei the mean lives and g factors of the 11/2- states in 111Sn and 113Sn have been measured. The isomeric states were populated by the 111Cd(α,2n)113Sn and 107,109Ag(7Li,3n)111,113Sn reactions with pulsed a and 7Li beams. The nuclear spin precession in the 60 kG field of an on-line superconducting magnet was observed time differentially. The following values were obtained: 111Sn (11/2-, 979.6 keV): t=13.3(15) ns, g=-0.23(2); 113Sn (11/2-, 740 keV): t=118.5(25) ns, g=-0.235(4). The magnetic moments of the 11/2- states in 111,113,115,119Sn and their near constancy as a function of mass number are reproduced by a first order M1 core polarization calculation using pairing model wave functions, experimentally determined energy denominators, and occupancy parameters. The strong reduction of the M2 rates for the h11/2→g7/2 transition as compared to the single particle estimate shows the destructive effect of the spin-isospin M2 core polarization.

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