Paraquarks, structural saturation, and hard core

Mitra , A. N. ; Moszkowski, S. A. (1968) Paraquarks, structural saturation, and hard core Physical Review, 172 (5). pp. 1474-1481. ISSN 0031-899X

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This investigation, which is concerned with the effect of parastatistics for more than one baryon, has a twofold objective, viz., to show that (i) saturation of baryon energy levels and (ii) short-range repulsion between baryons can both be thought of as consequences of parastatistics symmetry in a multiquark system. An explicit method of construction of the multiquark wave functions of appropriate symmetry is outlined. The saturation of baryon energy levels is also found to depend crucially on a relation of the form Vs=−2Va, where Vs and Va are, respectively, the even and odd parts of the quark-quark potential. The problem of short-range repulsion is investigated with the help of a two-quark model of baryons, via a four-particle nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation for a [2, 2] symmetric wave function characteristic of parastatistics symmetry. An explicit solution for the baryon-baryon amplitude is obtained with the help of a factorable, s-wave interaction between the quarks and brings out clearly the effect of structural repulsion.

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