Non-spherical magnetic moment in MnAlGe

Paranjpe, S. K. ; Tendulkar, S. R. ; Madhav Rao, L. ; Satya Murthy, N. S. (1974) Non-spherical magnetic moment in MnAlGe Pramana - Journal of Physics, 3 (6). pp. 355-362. ISSN 0304-4289

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The magnetic structure factors of MnAlGe (space group P4/nmm) measured with polarised neutrons have been expressed in terms of the magnetic moment of the Mn atom (site symmetry tetrahedral with tetragonal distortion), the Bessel transforms 〈jn〉 of the Mn radial functions and the fractional occupancies of the moment density in the various crystal field orbitals. The measured structure factors were least-squares fitted with the theoretical expression involving 〈jn〉 appropriate to the Mn0, Mn+ and Mn2+ atoms. The best fit was got using Mn0 transforms, yielding 1.45μB as the Mn magnetic moment. The fractional occupancies of the moment density in the crystal field orbitals A1g, B1g Eg and B2g were obtained. This analysis shows the magnetic moment to be highly non-spherical with a large fractional occupancy (38%) in the A1g orbital directed along the tetragonal axis while the fractional occupancies of B1g and B2g are found to be 31% and 30% respectively. The fractional occupancy of the moment in the Eg orbital directed towards the Ge and Al atoms is very low (1%). The spatially averaged moment density of Mn in MnAlGe is more diffuse than that of Mn I and Mn II in isostructural Mn2Sb.

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Keywords:Magnetic Moment Density; Polarised Neutron Diffraction; Mn form Factor; MnAlGe
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