New approaches to the causation and prevention of cancers of epithelial surfaces

Malhotra, S. L. (1976) New approaches to the causation and prevention of cancers of epithelial surfaces Medical Hypotheses, 2 (6). 279-281 . ISSN 0306-9877

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Environmental rather than genetic factors appear to be responsible for the causation of cancers involving epithelial surfaces, especially oropharyngeal cancers, cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract, cancers of the liver and gall-bladder, cancers of the cervix uteri and lung cancers. Epithelial surfaces which have mucus-bearing cells are particularly prone, because if these mucus cells are surrounded by an alkaline milieu over a prolonged period, the mucous of the epithelial cells is rendered fluid and is removed from the cells, of which it forms an integral part. This leads to proliferative changes with metaplasia, cell-atypia and a very significant increase in mitotic activity. Such changes are a prelude to carcinogenesis. In the case of many oropharyngeal cancers in Asia and Africa it is the alkaline slaked lime in the betel quid which is responsible; in the case of gastric cancers it is the reflux of the alkaline duodenal contents into the stomach; in the case of colon it is the absence of roughage, cellulose and vegetable fibres from the diet; in the case of the cervix uteri it is the frequency of coitus which gives rise to a highly alkaline seminal fluid; and in the case of cancer lung it is the alkaline cigarette smoke.

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