Some sulphoxide complexes of iron

Prabhakaran, C. P. ; Patel, C. C. (1970) Some sulphoxide complexes of iron Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 32 (4). pp. 1223-1228. ISSN 0022-1902

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Diphenyl sulphoxide(DPSO) and dimethyl sulphoxide(DMSO) complexes of iron(II) having the composition [Fe(DPSO)6](ClO4)2, Fe(DPSO)2Cl2, Fe(DPSO)3Br2, Fe(DPSO)4I2, [Fe (DMSO)3Cl2]. DMSO and [Fe(DMSO)3Br2]. DMSO and DPSO complexes of iron(III), Fe(DPSO)2 Cl3 have been prepared and their physico-chemical properties studied. Their magnetic moments at room temperature show them to be spin-free complexes. The i.r. spectra reveal that oxygen is the donor atom in all the complexes. The electronic spectra of iron(II) complexes indicate octahedral coordination for the metal ion. A salt like structure [Fe(DPSO)4Cl2][FeCl4], is suggested for the iron (III) complex, where the cationic species has distorted octahedral structure while the anionic species has tetrahedral structure.

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