Diphenyl sulphoxide complexes of some oxocations

Savant, V. V. ; Patel, C. C. (1969) Diphenyl sulphoxide complexes of some oxocations Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 31 (8). pp. 2319-2327. ISSN 0022-1902

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Diphenyl sulphoxide (DPSO) complexes of TiO2+, ZrO2+, VO2+ and UO22+ have been prepared and characterized by physicochemical methods. The complexes have the formulae: [TiO(DPSO)5]2 (ClO4)4, [ZrO(DPSO)6] (ClO4)2, [VO(DPSO)5](ClO4)2, [VO(DPSO)3Cl2], [UO2-(DPSO)4] (ClO4)2, [UO2(DPSO)2Cl2], [UO2(DPSO)2(NO3)2] and [UO2(DPSO)2(CH3COO)2]. The i.r. spectra show the coordination through the oxygen of the sulphoxide in all the complexes. The spectroscopic, conductivity and crysoscopic studies indicate the ionic nature of the perchlorate, while the chloride, nitrate and acetate are coordinated, the last two being bidentate. The probable stereochemistry of the complexes is discussed. The complexes decompose exothermally.

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