Terpenoids-LVII: synthesis of some germacrane derivatives

Mathur, S. B. ; Kulkarni, G. H. ; Kelkar, G. R. ; Bhattacharyya, S. C. (1964) Terpenoids-LVII: synthesis of some germacrane derivatives Tetrahedron, 20 (12). pp. 2903-2909. ISSN 0040-4020

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Both liquid and solid hexahydrocostunolides obtained by the pressure hydrogenation of costunolide (V) and solid dihydrocostunolide (VI) respectively, give the same optically active hexahydrogermacol (IIIa), when subjected to controlled reduction with LiAlH4, followed by Huang-Minlon reduction. The alcohol (IIIa) on oxidation with chromic oxide gives optically active hexahydrogermacrone (IIa). Dehydration of IIIa with KHSO4 followed by catalytic hydrogenation gives the optically inactive saturated hydrocarbon, germacrane (IV). Since the total synthesis of solid dihydrocostunolide (VI) has already been achieved the preparation of IIIa, IIa and IV from VI constitutes a total synthesis of the above three compounds.

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