Switching process in ferroelectric triglycine selenate

Sangunni, K. S. ; Ravi, R. ; Bhat, H. L. ; Narayanan, P. S. (1986) Switching process in ferroelectric triglycine selenate Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 25 (3). pp. 380-382. ISSN 0021-4922

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Triglycine selenate (TGSe) is isomorphous with Triglycine sulphate and is ferroelectric below 22°C. It is interesting to study the switching process in TGSe in the ferro-state with a view to comparing the results with TSG. The switching process was studied by applying electrical square pulses to produce fields up to 5 kV/cm on the sample, and measuring the parameters characterizing the transient current flowing in the sample, according to the Merz method. The temperature range in which the process was studied was 15°C to -20°C. The results were analysed by applying the Pulvari-Kuebler theory and the parameters α the activation field and µ the mobility of the domains were evaluated. It is found that µ varies with temperature in TGSe in a manner similar to TGS. µ is lesser for TGSe than for TGS for the same shift of temperature from Tc. The switching behaviour of γ-irradiated TGSe is qualitatively similar to that of unirradiated crystal eventhougth the process gets slowed down as a result of irradiation.

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