Inclusive production of Σ±(1385) in K-p interactions at 10 and 16 GeV/c

Grassler, H. ; Seyfert, H. H. ; Wieczorek, H. ; Gensch, U. ; Walter, M. ; Cocconi, V. T. ; Kocher, D. J. ; Malhotra, P. K. ; Morrison, D. R. O. ; Saarikko, H. ; Triantis, F. A. ; Wernhard, K. L. ; Barnham, K. W. J. ; Eason, R. M. ; Mandl, F. ; Markytan, M. ; Lambacher, H. (1977) Inclusive production of Σ±(1385) in K-p interactions at 10 and 16 GeV/c Nuclear Physics B, 118 (3-4). pp. 189-198. ISSN 0550-3213

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The inclusive production of Σ+(1385) and Σ-(1385) has been studied in K-p interactions at 10 and 10 and 16 GeV/c. It is found that the cross sections for the reactions K-p →Σ± (1385) + anything are approximately constant in the energy range form 10 to 32 GeV/c, being ≈ 350 µb for Σ + (1385) and ≈ 250 μb for Σ - (1385). The dσ dp⊥2 distributions for Σ± (1385) fall off exponentially with increasing p⊥2, with sloped of about 3 (GeV/c)-2. The dσ/dx distributions for Σ+(1385) and Σ-(1385) are markedly different: the production of Σ-(1385) is symmetrical forwards and backwards in the c.m.s.; for Σ+(1385), the distribution is the same as for Σ-(1385) in the forward direction, but presents a large excess of events in the backward direction. This indicates that for the production of both Σ+(1385) and Σ-(1385) the fragmentation of the incoming kaon is negligible. The fragmentation of the target proton is negligible for Σ-(1385), but it is important for Σ+(1385) and is responsible for the excess (˜100μb) of its cross section over that for Σ-(1385).

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