Novel photo-crosslinkable flame retardant polyvanillylidene arylphosphate esters

Kannan, P. ; Gangadhara, ; Kishore, K. (1997) Novel photo-crosslinkable flame retardant polyvanillylidene arylphosphate esters Polymer, 38 (17). pp. 4349-4355. ISSN 0032-3861

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A new class of photo-crosslinkable flame retardant arylphosphate ester polymers based on diarylidenecycloalkanone groups has been synthesized by polymerizing 2,5-divanillylidene cyclopentanone and 2,6-divanillylidenecyclohexanone with various arylphosphorodichloridates by interfacial polycondensation using a phase transfer catalyst. The resulting polymers were characterized by inherent viscosity, g.p.c., i.r., 1H, 13C, 31P n.m.r. spectroscopy. These polymers were studied for their photochemical and flame retardant properties. The divanillylidene cycloalkanone group in the chain function as photoactive centres while arylphosphate ester groups impart flame retardancy. The photo-crosslinking proceeds via 27π + 2π cycloaddition reaction of the divanillylidene cycloalkanone moieties. The crosslinking rate, thermal stability and flammability characteristics of the polymers increase with decrease in the size of the cycloalkanone ring.

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Keywords:Polyarylphosphate Esters; Photo-crosslinkable; Flame Retardant
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