Relativistic equations for elementary particles

Harish-Chandra, (1948) Relativistic equations for elementary particles Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - Series A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 102 (1029). pp. 195-218. ISSN 0080-4630

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From the general principles of quantum mechanics it is deduced that the wave equation of a particle can always be written as a linear differential equation of the first order with matrix coefficients. The principle of relativity and the elementary nature of the particle then impose certain restrictions on these coefficient matrices. A general theory for an elementary particle is set up under certain assumptions regarding these matrices. Besides, two physical assumptions concerning the particle are made, namely, (i) that it satisfies the usual second-order wave equation with a fixed value of the rest mass, and (ii) either the total charge or the total energy for the particle-field is positive definite. It is shown that in consequence of (ii) the theory can be quantized in the interaction free case. On introducing electromagnetic interaction it is found that the particle exhibits a pure magnetic moment in the non-relativistic approximation. The well-known equations for the electron and the meson are included as special cases in the present scheme. As a further illustration of the theory the coefficient matrices corresponding to a new elementary particle are constructed. This particle is shown to have states of spin both $\frac{3}{2}$ and $\frac{1}{2}$. In a certain sense it exhibits an inner structure in addition to the spin. In the non-relativistic approximation the behaviour of this particle in an electromagnetic field is the same as that of the Dirac electron. Finally, the transition from the particle to the wave from of the equations of motion is effected and the field equations are given in terms of tensors and spinors.

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