Fine structure of the Rayleigh line in amorphous substances

Krishnan, R. S. (1950) Fine structure of the Rayleigh line in amorphous substances Nature, 165 (4206). pp. 933-934. ISSN 0028-0836

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As is well known, when monochromatic light scattered by a liquid is examined under high resolution it exhibits a fine structure: an undisplaced central line and two lines on either side with wavelengths slightly different from that of the incident light. The appearance of the displaced components was first predicted by Brillouin. On the basis of his theory, the observed displacements of frequency are regarded as a Doppler effect arising from the reflexion of the light wave by the progressive sound waves of thermal origin in the scattering medium. The frequency shift of the so-called Brillouin components is given by the formula dν=±2ν v/csin θ/2 where ν and c are the velocities of sound and light in the medium and θ is the angle of scattering. That the effect contemplated by Brillouin does arise in liquids and crystals is now a well-established experimental fact.

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