Kinetics of adsorption on activated carbon: application of heterogeneous vacancy solution theory

Ding, L. P. ; Bhatia, S. K. ; Liu, F. (2002) Kinetics of adsorption on activated carbon: application of heterogeneous vacancy solution theory Chemical Engineering Science, 57 (18). pp. 3909-3928. ISSN 0009-2509

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The kinetics of single component adsorption on activated carbon is investigated here using a heterogeneous vacancy solution theory (VST) of adsorption. The adsorption isotherm is developed to account for the adsorbate non-ideality due to the size difference between the adsorbate molecule and the vacant site, while incorporating adsorbent heterogeneity through a pore-width-related potential energy. The transport process in the bidisperse carbon considers coupled mass transfer in both macropore and micropore phases simultaneously. Adsorbate diffusion in the micropore network is modeled through effective medium theory, thus considering pore network connectivity in the adsorbent, with the activation energy for adsorbate diffusion related to the adsorption energy, represented by the Steele 10-4-3 potential for carbons. Experimental data of five hydrocarbons, CO2 and SO2 on Ajax carbon at multiple temperatures, as well as three hydrocarbons on Norit carbon at three temperatures are first fitted by the heterogeneous VST model to obtain the isotherm parameters, followed by application of the kinetic model to uptake data on carbon particles of different sizes and geometry at various temperatures. For the hydrocarbons studied, the model can successfully correlate the experimental data for both adsorption equilibrium and kinetics. However, there is some deviation in the fit of the desorption kinetics for polar compounds such as CO2 and SO2, due to the inadequacy of the L-J potential model in this case. The significance of viscous transport in the micropores is also considered here and found to be negligible, consistent with recent molecular simulation studies.

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Keywords:Activated Carbon; Adsorption; Diffusion; Kinetics; Mass Transfer; Micropore Transport
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