Synthesis and properties of some metal cinnamoxides

Goel, S. C. ; Mehrotra, S. K. ; Mehrotra, R. C. (1977) Synthesis and properties of some metal cinnamoxides Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal Chemistry, 7 (6). pp. 519-530. ISSN 1553-3174

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Three cinnamyl borates, B(OCH2-CH = CH-C6H5)3 (I), [B(OCH2-CH=CH-C6H5)2]2O (II) and [OB(OCH2-CH=CH-C6H5)]3 (III) have been synthesized by heating cinnamyl alcohol with boric oxide under vacuo. (I) was also synthesized by alcoholysis of ethyl borate with cinnamyl alcohol. The reactions of aluminium isopropoxide with cinnamyl alcohol in different stoichiometric ratios yield A1[OCH(CH3)2]3-n (OCH2-CH=CH-C6H5)n (where n = 1,2 or 3). Tetracinnamoxides of titanium and germanium and pentacinnamoxides of niobium and tantalum as well as di-n-butyltin dicinnamoxide and tri-n-butyltin monocinnamoxide were also synthesized by alcoholysis reactions. IR and PMR spectral properties of these new derivatives have been discussed.

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