Molar adducts of diphenyldichlorosilane with Schiff bases

Koacher, J. K. ; Tandon, J. P. ; Mehrotra, R. C. (1979) Molar adducts of diphenyldichlorosilane with Schiff bases Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 41 (10). pp. 1409-1414. ISSN 0022-1902

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1:2 Molar reactions of diphenyldichlorosilane with a variety of Schiff bases C6H5CH:NC6H5, C6H5CH:N(CH2)2OH, o-OHC6H4CH:NR and o-OHC6H4CH: NR'OH [R = -C2H5, -n-C4H9, -n-C3H7, -iso-C3H7, -o-C6H4CH3, -m-C6H4CH3, -p-C6H4OCH3, -m-8H4OCH3, -p-C6H4OCH3 and R' = -(CH2)2-, -(CH2)3-] have resulted in the synthesis of (C6H5)2SiCl2(C6H5CH:NC6H5)2, (C6H5)2SiCl2(SBH)2 and (C6H5)2SiCl2(SBH2)2 type of derivatives [where SBH and SBH2 represent the monofunctional bidentate and bifunctional tridentate Schiff base molecules, respectively]. However, bifunctional tetradentate Schiff bases (S'B'H2) having the donor system HO N N OH have been found to form 1:1 derivatives only. The molar conductance measurements in DMF show them to be non-electrolytes.

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