Organosilicon(IV) O,O-alkylenedithiophosphates

Rao, R. J. ; Srivastava, G. ; Mehrotra, R. C. (1986) Organosilicon(IV) O,O-alkylenedithiophosphates Inorganica Chimica Acta, 111 (2). pp. 163-166. ISSN 0020-1693

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Tri- and di-organosilicon O,O-alkylenedithiophosphates, R4-nSi[S2PO2G]n (where R = Ph, Me, G = -C(CH3)2 · C(CH3)2-, -CH2C(CH3)2CH2-, -CH-CH3CH2C(CH3)2-, N = 1,2) were synthesized by treatment of organosilicon(IV) chlorides with ammonium O,O-alkylenedithiophosphates in benzene. The compounds are volatile, yellow oily liquids, miscible with common organic solvents and monomeric in refluxing benzene. Like dialkyldithiophosphate derivatives of organosilicon(IV), these cyclic chain derivatives appear to be tetrahedral, the ligand behaving as unidentate.

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