Mixed halide dialkyldithiophosphate derivatives of arsenic(III) and antimony(III)

Chauhan, H. P. S. ; Srivastava, G. ; Mehrotra, R. C. (1983) Mixed halide dialkyldithiophosphate derivatives of arsenic(III) and antimony(III) Polyhedron, 2 (5). pp. 359-364. ISSN 0277-5387

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Mixed chloride dialkyldithiophosphates of arsenic(III) and antimony(III), [(RO)2PSS]nMCl3-n (M = As, Sb; n = 1, 2; R = C2H5, n-C3H7, i-C3H7 and i-C4H9) have been synthesized for the first time by the reac metal chlorides with sodium dialkyldithiophosphates or alternatively by co-disproportionation reactions of metal chlorides with metal tris(dialkyldithiophosphates) in different stoichiometric ratios. Mixed halide dialkyl-dithiophosphates of antimony(III) have also been prepared by the cleavage reactions of antimony tris(diisopropyldithiophosphate) with bromine or iodine. Hydrolysis reactions of a few of these compounds have also been studied. The new compounds have been characterized by elemental analyses, molecular weight determinations (cryoscopic) as well as IR and NMR (1H, 31P) data; chelated structures with bidentate dialkyldithiophosphate groups are proposed.

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